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Welcome, alumni and friends of the Centre for Medieval Studies. You are part of a vibrant U of T Arts & Science community and are a great source of inspiration, advice and support for our students and faculty.

There are many ways to stay connected and get involved, from attending alumni events and reunions to mentoring students and helping fund important Centre for Medieval Studies initiatives.

We appreciate and value your support and continued involvement.

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Your alumni network can be transformative, both personally and professionally.

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Our alumni are a great source of inspiration and advice for our students.

So get involved – share your knowledge and experience through one of our student/alumni programs!

Even if you’re not in the Greater Toronto Area, we can find the right opportunity for you.

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Nowhere is inquiry into the Middle Ages more comprehensive and ground-breaking than here. More than 70 medievalists from across the humanities, law and music are affiliated with this nexus of graduate teaching and research, freely crossing traditional boundaries to explore new theories and approaches.

Academics are supported by the priceless collections of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and the world-renowned library at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies.

U of T is raising $15.8 million to build on the centre's reputation as the leader in North America. 



Since 1968, the Centre for Medieval Studies has counted hundreds of alumni who continuously nourish its reputation. There are a variety of ways in which Alumni, working both in and outside of academia, can actively contribute to the life of the Centre:

art sculpture. Tomb of Giovanni da Legnano, SCALA, Florence/ART RESOURCE, N.Y
Tomb of Giovanni da Legnano, SCALA, Florence/ART RESOURCE, N.Y

MST 1003 Guest Speaker: This course prepares students working in the field of Medieval Studies for dissertation work and the future job market, providing an overview of non-scholarly skills. Interested Alumni may be invited as Guest Speakers depending on their availabilities and course requirements

CMS Alumni Mentorship Programme Ambassadors: Matched based on interests and fields of expertise, CMS Ambassadors make themselves available to provide individual mentorship to advanced PhD students, helping them navigate the delicate transition from doctoral research to the job market.

CMS Convivium: This lecture series fosters scholarly exchanges and provides a space to showcase our community. Alumni may be invited to present their in-progress and collective research.

CMS Alumni Dissertation Award Committee: Each year, this Committee is invited to identify the best PhD dissertation defended at CMS during the previous academic year. Any alumni currently working in academia with a CMS PhD may register to serve.

The next call for the CMS Alumni Programme will appear in spring 2024.