CMS Alumni Programme

Since 1968, hundreds of Alumni have contributed significantly to the reputation of the Centre for Medieval Studies as the leading North American institution in its field. To further cultivate this crucial aspect of the Centre's life and history, the CMS Alumni Programme aims to connect with alumni and develop future collaborations in a variety of new ways, including academia as well as Alt-Ac. We invite all alumni to participate and share their experiences and achievements since graduating from the Centre. Your contributions will help us strengthen our community and promote the Centre's mission to advance the study of the Middle Ages.

Please complete the Alumni Programme form to share your information, and let us know how you might like to contribute and connect. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to shape the future of medieval studies.


Community Members: Alumni are invited to share information about their current positions and news, and in turn receive relevant communications. Keeping your contact information updated allows Alumni to reconnect personally and professionally with not only the Centre for Medieval Studies, but the greater community at U of T. 

Mentorship: CMS Ambassadors are matched with an advanced PhD Student to provide individual mentorship and support, discussing topics relevant to the Student’s professional future. Sharing their formative experiences, Alumni mentors will help encourage students through their transition from doctoral researchers to PhD Graduates. 

Guest Speaker: The MST 1003 Professional Development course allows students to make the most of their time in the doctoral programme, and prepares them for the transition from university to post-graduation reality. Interested Alumni may be invited as Guest Speakers, providing an overview of non-scholarly skills, from funding and academic challenges, to career alternatives, all with a focus on the uncommon difficulties faced by students in this interdisciplinary field of study.

Guest Lecturer: The CMS Convivium provides a forum to showcase the community through a series of lectures and social events. With a hybrid option, all Alumni are invited to attend either virtually or in person, connecting with our current Students and Faculty for a lively lunch preceding each lecture. Interested Alumni may also be invited to present their in-progress and collective research as a Guest Lecturer. 

Committee Member: Interested Alumni currently working in academia may request to serve on the Dissertation Award Committee, assisting in identifying the top successfully defended PhD dissertation from the previous academic year. 

2024-2025 Alumni Programme