MST201H1 Getting Medieval: Myths and Monsters

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FAS Course Description

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Read literature from China and Japan to France and Italy, from Anglo-Saxon England's Beowulf to the Middle East's One Thousand and One Nights. Solve riddles, listen to songs, and encounter monsters, fairies, werewolves, loving and vengeful ghosts. Handle medieval artifacts from local collections, learn how to write on parchment, and build your own digital exhibits. Lectures by your instructor will be supplemented by workshops on medieval book-making, music, cookery, theatrical performance, and other aspects of medieval life.

Introduction to the sound, sight, and touch of the distant past, telling the story of the Middle Ages through objects from animal skin parchment to enameled icon. Lectures are complemented by hands-on learning in weekly tutorials featuring text- and narrative-oriented digital methods, along with medieval drama and music performance.

No history, literature, or tech preparation required. All you need will be covered in class.

Breadth Requirement: 1 (Humanities)