Medieval Latin Studies Committee

Founded in 1969, the Medieval Latin Studies Committee is one of the standing committees of the Centre for Medieval Studies. Its members are annually appointed by the Centre’s Director and are responsible for maintenance of the CMS standards for the Level One and Level Two Latin examinations, as well as regular review of the Medieval Latin program, its policy, and processes. The Committee meets twice yearly, following the Medieval Latin examinations, to determine the pass list for both levels, and on an occasional basis to discuss other matters. The 2021-2024 Review and reform have clarified the composition and mandate of this essential body as follows:

  • A committee Chair, appointed by the Director, whose responsibilities include managing the biannual exams, scheduling and leading meetings to receive the graded exams; overseeing the regular review of policies and procedures; answering general queries about the Latin program. 
  • Five faculty members, who have a budgetary, cross-appointment or status-only appointment in the Centre: at least two of these faculty members will be the instructors for MST1000Y and MST1001Y.  The Chair will assign four committee members to be co-examiners, and the fifth to review graded exams for both Levels I and II as stated in the exam guidelines.  
  • The PhD Coordinator, ex officio. 
  • Two students in the PhD program in Medieval Studies who have successfully passed the Level II Exam and who are recommended to the Director by the Student Executive Committee.  Students contribute to discussions about program policy, but only observe the receiving of graded exams.