Joseph of Exeter's Ilias

A. G. Rigg’s verse translation of Joseph of Exeter’s Daretis Phrygii Ilias is only the second complete English translation of Joseph of Exeter’s epic poem, and the first entirely in verse approximating the “feel” of Joseph of Exeter’s Latin.

Completed in 1190, Joseph of Exeter’s six-book epic poem is based upon the most widely-known version of the story of the fall of Troy circulated during the Middle Ages. Along with his verse translation of Joseph of Exeter’s Ilias, George Rigg provides readers with a brief introduction to the poem, select bibliography and prose translations of Joseph’s major sources, Dares Phrygius’ Historia de excidio Troiae and passages from Dictys Cretensis' Ephemeridos belli Troiani.

Joseph of Exeter’s Daretis Phrygii Ilias is available below as a downloadable portable document file.

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