MST202H1 Getting Medieval: Place and Space

St Brendan on the Back of a Whale

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FAS Course Description

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Learn how to be a medieval pilgrim. Navigate medieval maps. Handle authentic medieval artifacts. Illuminate manuscripts, spin precious fibres, and cook medieval meals. Make your own digital storytelling maps. Learn how to track (and escape) the Black Death.

Through medieval stories, objects, maps, and trade routes, we travel along the Silk Roads and beyond to explore the worlds of the later Middle Ages.

From world maps to tales of pilgrimage, trade, and exploration, from imagined other worlds to historical cityscapes, this course tells the story of the Middle Ages through the places and spaces that defined medieval culture. Lectures are complemented by hands-on learning in weekly tutorials featuring network visualization and digital mapping.

No history, literature, or technical preparation expected.

Breadth Requirement: 1 (Humanities)