Prospective Students

The Centre for Medieval Studies consists of a student body of approximately 118 students (MA and PhD) and a distinguished faculty of over 60, most cross-appointed with various departments.

Graduate Students

The Centre offers a Master of Arts (MA) program and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Medieval Studies. Students can also enrol in one of several Collaborative Programs.

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The education of aspiring medievalists requires both training in basic skills and tools and the fostering of certain qualities of mind and imagination. CMS students will acquire:

  • expertise in “reading” the materials remaining from the medieval past.
  • language skills and the sensitivity to language essential for access to medieval cultures and societies.
  • the mastery of both disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity. expertise in grasping cultural differences and predispositions, and developing a sensitivity to the distinct cultural worlds that competed or blended in the making of early Europe.

Since the Centre’s inception, Latin has been at the heart of its teaching program and the research agendas of many Centre faculty. The students who have passed through the Medieval Latin program and examinations have emerged as fully proficient Latinists, many of whom have chosen to make Latin editing or the interpretation of medieval Latin texts the focus of their scholarship. The Centre also offers intensive summer courses for visiting students at three levels.

Before applying, examine the requirements of the master’s or doctoral program. Feel free to contact the Centre or a faculty member with whom you are interested in working before applying; we are also happy to arrange a campus tour with a current student.