Summer Latin Program

As of summer 2022, Beginning Latin and Beginning Latin Review will be offered online, but both Level One and Level Two will be in person this summer, barring any change of circumstance. Please contact our graduate administrator for further information.

The Centre offers several summer Latin courses. The courses are non-credit and are facilitated by senior graduate students of the Centre who are thoroughly fluent in Latin and are already experienced Teaching Assistants (TAs) in our program. They work under the supervision of the faculty members teaching Medieval Latin and are trained specifically for these courses; we take great care in making appointments to these positions.

Students admitted to CMS MA or PhD programs can attend any of these summer courses, at the appropriate level, for free.

Students who attend the courses regularly and do all the assignments will be given a letter indicating the course content and their participation in it. External students may take the September examination(s) externally. If successful, they will be given a ‘Statement of Proficiency’ that spells out the meaning of a Level One or Level Two pass.

The program is under the direction of the Committee for Medieval Latin Studies in the Centre for Medieval Studies. The Centre for Medieval Studies assumes no responsibility for cancellation of classes due to circumstances beyond its control.

Further Information