Alessia Berardi Reads Dante in Italian

June 18, 2021 by Communications

In a new video release, CMS student Alessia Berardi joins the Toronto Salutes Dante project to read Inferno 26 in Italian:

Alessia discusses her long familiarity with Dante’s works, stemming from a high-school class with a passionate teacher who would recite the Inferno aloud and make it come alive.

Alessia also talks about the debate regarding Inferno 26 and its depiction of Ulysses. Scholars disagree on whether Ulysses is in the Inferno because of his desire to explore past the pillars of Hercules or rather because of his actions at Troy. The canto contains striking descriptions of how much man wants to know, especially regarding what can’t or shouldn’t be known.

For more videos celebrating the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, keep an eye on the Toronto Salutes Dante project!