Connaught New Researcher Awards for Profs Miles and Walton

May 31, 2016 by Communications

CMS is very pleased to announce that two faculty members – Brent Miles and Audrey Walton – have been awarded Connaught New Researcher Awards, in the amount of $10,000 each.

Brent Miles, Assistant Professor of Medieval Studies, holds a joint appointment at CMS and St. Michael’s College. His project, “The Literature of Biblical Kingship in Medieval Ireland: A Critical Edition of the Sermo ad Reges and the Teacusc Rigda Solam,” centers on the editing and translating of two key tracts on kingship in Ireland, “A Sermon to Kings” and “The Royal Teaching of Solomon.” The edition, presented in a format accessible both to specialists and to those not previously familiar with Irish culture, will further the study of the biblical and the native Celtic learning that underlies the intellectual traditions of the Latin West.

Audrey Walton, Assistant Professor of English and Medieval Studies, holds a joint appointment in the Department of English and CMS. Her project, “New Wine in Old Skins: Early Medieval Theory of Language and the Invention of Vernacular Literature,” examines the significance of sacred poetry in English to the political and social identity of the English church, from England’s conversion at the end of the sixth century to the flourishing of England’s vernacular theology in the fourteenth. This book participates in ongoing scholarly conversations about sacred language, vernacularity, and world religions.

Congratulations to both of them!