Digital Pedagogy: Teaching Medieval Paleography in the Virtual Environment

April 29, 2016 by Communications

Wednesday 4 May, 2-4 pm, Lillian Massey Building 301

Carin Ruff (Ph.D. CMS 2001) will present vHMML, a suite of online tools for manuscript study that was developed by Centre for Medieval Studies grads working with the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library. Carin will give a tour of vHMML’s online paleography course (“School”) and digital paleographical album (“Folio”) and suggest ways they might be used by those teaching or studying beyond the reach of CMS’s paleography courses. She will also discuss the process of converting a real-life, propria persona paleography course to a virtual one, and will talk about some of the issues in the ongoing development of this complex suite of tools from the perspective of content development and project management.


Laura Mitchell (Ph.D. CMS 2011) and Alexandra Bolintineanu (Ph.D. CMS 2012) will present on the International Image Interoperability Framework, an emerging international standard that enables consistent digital image delivery and annotation across multiple digital libraries, and that underlies both the vHMML toolkit and the current Mellon- funded CMS/UTLibrary collaborative project, Digital Tools for Manuscript Study. We discuss how our scholarship as medievalists contributes to the data curation work of a large digital project: not only from a research perspective, but from the perspectives of technical development, project management, and a laboratory-based research community.