Ryan Hall

PhD Student

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Old English Language and Literature, Medieval Latin, Translation Theory, Medieval Rhetoric, Patristics, Medievalism

Major and Minor Fields


  • Old English literature

Minor 1

Medieval translation theory

Working Dissertation


"'The Books Most Necessary’: Translation, Rhetoric, and Royal Power in the Alfredian Canon”


Audrey Walton
Haruko Momma


My dissertation examines the social philosophy of the Alfredian translations, drawing special attention to the influence of Gregory the Great on their rhetoric and worldview.


BA in English (UCLA: 2012)
MA in Medieval Studies (Toronto: 2013)


“‘Der Mann gehört uns an’: King Alfred’s Operatic Afterlife and the Pan-Germanic Movement”: Early Medieval English in the Modern Age: Old English Across Temporal Borders, virtual conference presenting sessions previously scheduled for the International
“Reinventing the Wheel: Gregorian Metaphors in King Alfred’s Translations”: 54th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo) (2019)