Vite Nuove: Biografia e Autobiografia in Dante

If various biographies promise to reveal everything about the real life of Dante, the author of the Comedy, essential questions remain unanswered. How did a self-taught Florentine become Dante? How did he build his life with his talent as a writer? Moreover, why has his life interested so many readers?

Giuliano Milani and Elisa Brilli, whose previous works constitute a reference point in the field, take up these questions and several others. In their new book, published in both French and Italian, they offer an unprecedented four-handed investigation of archival documents and Dante’s self-narratives. By reading each source in its context and the light of the most recent scholarship and by putting them into dialogue, their inquiry restores the dynamic of this singular destiny beyond any sterile erudition. Together, this book proposes a new model of interdisciplinary biography, as fascinating as it is rigorous.



  • Giuliano Milani

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