ICMAC Membership

Iuris Canonici Medii Aevi Consociatio | International Society of Medieval Canon Law

What is ICMAC?

  • ICMAC is a worldwide network of scholars who study and are interested in canon law during the Middle Ages. ICMAC is organized as an association under Swiss law, with residence in Zurich. You can view the charter here: PDF iconICMAC Charter in English (pdf) and PDF iconICMAC Charter in German (pdf).
  • ICMAC supports research, publications and instruction in medieval canon law.
  • ICMAC sponsors sessions at academic conferences around the world.
  • ICMAC cultivates international cooperation among scholars, and facilitates cooperation with scholarly and learned societies, especially the Stephan Kuttner Institute of Medieval Canon Law.
  • ICMAC helps to support the Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law.
  • Every four years, it organizes the International Congress of Medieval Canon Law.

Why should I join?

As an international organization, ICMAC provides you with worldwide contacts with the scholarly community working on issues relevant to medieval Church law. By joining ICMAC, you invigorate and support the study of medieval canon law. ICMAC organizes sessions at conferences, supports the Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law, and funds independent scholars and graduate students in their research on medieval canon law.

How much does it cost to join?

  • Annual membership, payable annually: US $40; Euro 30
  • Student, non-tenured faculty and retired memberships, payable annually: US$20; Euro 15
  • Lifetime membership: US $350; Euro 255
  • Patron: US $1000; Euro 735

How can I join?

It is easy to join. You can either send a check in U.S. dollars or Swiss francs to the ICMAC Treasurer, Prof. Dr. Andreas Thier. Or you can wire money to him. In either case, please e-mail both Prof. Dr. Thier and Prof. Greta Austin to let them know that you are joining. Greta will add you to the membership roll. Please let her know if you are joining as an annual member or a lifetime member. Please send your address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address(es), and, if relevant, institutional affiliation and title.

Check in U.S. dollars or Swiss francs, payable to ICMAC, sent to the following address:
Professor Dr. Andreas Thier M. A.
University of Zurich
Raemistr. 74
CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland

Wire transfer:
1. E-mail Prof. Dr. Andreas Thier and cc Greta Austin to let them know that you are wiring money. We will contact you to confirm when the wire comes through. Please contact us if you have not heard from us within two weeks.
2. Wire the fee to ICMAC’s Swiss bank account. Indicate "ICMAC membership fee" in the wire:

UBS Switzerland, Zurich
IBAN (International Bank Account): CH39 0023 0230 2237 7301L
Account number: 230-223773.01L
Account holder: ICMAC