Life Records and The National Archives

When and Where

Friday, March 10, 2023 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Lillian Massey
125 Queen's Park, 3rd floor


Dr. Euan Roger


In collaboration with the Old Books New Science Lab, the Centre for Medieval Studies welcomes Dr. Euan Roger to speak on Life Records and The National Archives.

We might assume that the life records gathered together for a figure such as Geoffrey Chaucer are fairly complete and that there are unlikely to be significant new documents. The discovery in October 2022 of new Chaucer–Chaumpaigne documents by Dr. Euan Roger (working with Professor Sebastian Sobecki of the University of Toronto) however, demonstrates that there is more to be discovered. In this talk, Euan will discuss the new findings and the wider possibilities for life records (literary and otherwise) to be found among the vast collections of medieval legal material at The National Archives.

Dr. Euan Roger is Principal Medieval Specialist at The National Archives, specialising in the records of Medieval and Tudor England. He has published on a wide variety of subjects including the Chaucer life records, Tudor quarantine measures, and the history of treason, his work featured in publications including the New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Guardian, and The Times.



125 Queen's Park, 3rd floor