Olga Lizzini, Being and non-being: motifs of Avicenna's ontology

When and Where

Monday, March 18, 2024 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Great Hall
Lillian Massey Building
125 Queen's Park


Université Aix-Marseille):


Olga Lizzini (Université Aix-Marseille) visits U of T for a research talk on Being and non-being: motifs of Avicenna's ontology. Join us Monday May 18 at 4 pm in person in the Great Hall at CMS or virtually via Zoom (https://utoronto.zoom.us/j/83468869556).


"My area of research is medieval metaphysics, particularly emanation, the definition of the First Principle, the doctrine of causality, and the epistemology of Arabic Neoplatonism.  I published the first Italian translation of Avicenna's Metaphysics (Bompiani 2002, 2nd ed. 2006) as well as various essays on theological and philosophical thought in the mediaeval Arabic world (Alfarabi, Yahyā ibn ‘Adī, Avicenna, al-Ghazali).  For Angeli (Neri Pozza 2009), edited by G. Agamben and E. Coccia, I wrote together with Samuela Pagani, the section on Islamic angelology, my main focus being philosophical angelology.  My book on Avicenna’s concept of emanation has been published in 2011 (Fluxus, Bari). An introductory  book about Avicenna’s philosophy has been published in 2012. My book on the unity of God in Yahyā ibn ‘Adī has been published in 2020." - Olga Lizzini