Dissertation Submissions

All dissertations must follow the formatting guidelines set by the School of Graduate Studies. You may wish to use the Microsoft Word or LaTeX templates provided by SGS from the outset.

Before a dissertation may be submitted, the supervisor and the other members of the committee must have read it in its entirety. At the same time the dissertation is submitted, the supervisor and the other committee members are each to write a letter to the CMS PhD Coordinator, indicating that they have read the dissertation and judge that it is ready for examination.

If a dissertation is likely to exceed the set length limit of 90,000 words (word count, not page count, is the determining factor), the student must request in writing a special exemption from the Academic Programme Committee at least three months prior to submitting the dissertation. The Centre reserves the right to deny such an exemption.

Five (5) copies of the completed dissertation are to be submitted to the Centre. The date of the dissertation defence is at least twelve weeks after the date of submission. Students should bear in mind that it is often very difficult to assemble an examination committee during the summer months. Adequate time should be allowed for this process, if an examination is expected before the deadline in early October in order to convocate in November. Please note also, the two weeks when the University is closed over Christmas do not count in this 12 weeks figure. As always, CMS does its best to accommodate the student’s circumstances. However, CMS does not offer any guarantee of an examination within any time period.

The PhD Coordinator determines the membership of the examination committee for the dissertation defence. Examiners are chosen in consultation with the student’s supervisor.