Latin Exams

The Centre offers Latin exams in September and April.

Students may take the Level-I (formerly MA) examination, the Level-II (formerly PhD) one, or both.  Those who have written both and were unsuccessful in both may nevertheless be granted a Level-I pass if the Latin Committee deems that their performance in the Level-II examination demonstrates a knowledge of Latin sufficient to warrant it.

Students at other universities may take the examinations externally; please see the provisions for external Latin certification.

The Latin Committee agrees to mark as internal the examinations of upper-level undergraduate students in the Mediaeval Studies programme at St. Michael’s College, and to award passes through the regular examination procedure.  The acceptance of such examinations for marking by the Latin Committee will occur only on the recommendation of the Coordinator of the undergraduate programme, and passing marks do not satisfy prerequisite requirements for enrollment in CMS courses or specializations. The criteria for assessment are the same as for the graduate students.

In preparation, students may wish to register for a spring/fall MST Latin course or for the Summer Latin Program. The Centre also has numerous learning resources, including past exams.

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