External Latin Certification

Applications to take the Latin examination externally must be received by regular mail at the Centre for Medieval Studies by 15 March for the April exam and by 1 August for the September exam. Late requests will not be accommodated.

Applications must include:

  • PDF iconExternal Exam Application.pdf
    • Complete the application form above and indicate the name and address of a faculty member willing to ensure that the proper procedures are observed.
    • Also indicate the level (One or Two) required.
  • A cheque or money order for the non-refundable fee ($50 CDN for applicants within Canada, $50 USD for applicants outside Canada), made payable to the University of Toronto. The fee includes the compensation for the two graders.

Dates and Times

Examinations at both Levels One and Two are set twice yearly, in September (on the Wednesday and Friday immediately after Labour Day) and in April (on the Monday and Wednesday after classes end in Toronto, usually the second week in April). For dates, please see the exam schedule. Examinations are held from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (EDT). External candidates should take them at the same time or at a time that overlaps with the Toronto time-slot.

Examination Procedures

Candidates are allowed three hours to write the examination. The use of dictionaries is not permitted. Answers may be written in English or French (no other language is permitted).

The examination process is anonymous. Each candidate will be assigned an anonymity code. The anonymity code should appear on the top right corner of each answer sheet. The answer paper should not bear the name of the candidate or the home university. The supervisor should send a fax of the script immediately (416-978-8294) and mail the original (by regular mail, postmarked on the same day that the examination is taken).

Notification of Results

Notification of results will be sent out as soon as possible, directly to the candidate and also (if requested) to the candidate’s university department. In the case of successful candidates, we will issue a `Statement of Proficiency’ indicating the level of competence, as described above. In the case of unsuccessful candidates, we may be able to indicate major areas needing attention: scripts will be returned, so that the candidate may (and we strongly advise this) go over the examination with a qualified Latinist. We regret that we cannot entertain appeals or enter into discussions of individual papers.

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