Alessia Berardi successfully passes FOE

September 2, 2023 by CMS Communications

Felicitations to Alessia Berardi who successfully defended their dissertation, "Vita, scientia, doctrina: Stephen Langton and the biblical model of the “good master” in the twelfth-century schools". Thank you to supervisor, Professor Alexander Andrée, committee members, Professor Robert Sweetman, Professor Giulio Silano, and Professor Jesse Billett, as well as external appraiser, Cedric Giraud (University of Geneva).

During Alessia's time at CMS, she was awarded multiple grants and fellowships, served as one of the editors of Exposito in Cantica Cantocorum, Critical Edition and has written articles for Scriptorium and book chapters for Holy Hero(in)es: Literary Constructions of Heroism in Late Antique and Early Medieval Hagiography. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Medieval History at Christendom College.

Please join CMS in congratulating Dr. Berardi!