Canada Chaucer Seminar: April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014 by Communications

Saturday April 12, 2014
Centre for Medieval Studies
Lillian Massey Building, 3rd Floor, Room 312
125 Queen’s Park, Toronto

No Registration Fee

8:30-9:00       Registration / Coffee, Tea and Muffins

9:00-10:00      Session 1
Welcome: William Robins
Chair: TBD
Helen Cooper (Cambridge): “Not Swerving from Decorum: Chaucer’s Practice of Theory”

10:00-10:15     Coffee and Tea

10:15-11:45     Session 2
Chair: TBD
Frederick M. Biggs (Connecticut): “The Confessio Amantis and Other Sources for the Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale”
Robert Meyer-Lee (Indiana): “What Hoccleve’s Series Tells Us about the Canterbury Tales”
Noelle Phillips (Toronto): “Lydgate’s Verses on the Kings of England and the Social Function of Fifteenth-Century Literary Historiography”

11:45-12:00     Coffee and Tea

12:00-1:00      Session 3
Chair: TBD
Melissa Furrow (Dalhousie): “Philippa of Hainault as English Spectacle”
Lynn Arner (Brock): “Chaucer and Film in Pre-WWII America”

1:00-2:30       Break for Lunch
We will provide participants with suggestions for nearby restaurants and cafés

2:30-4:15       Session 4
Chair: TBD
Kathleen Cawsey (Dalhousie): “Ice Letters, Checkerboard Voices, Broken Wind: The Look of Words in Chaucer’s House of Fame.”
Elizaveta Strakov (Penn): “Sufficient English: Engaging with the French in the Squire’s Tale and the Prologue to the Legend of Good Women”
Fiona Somerset (Connecticut): “Trouble with Consent: Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale”

4:15-4:30       Coffee and Tea

4:30-5:30       Session 5
Chair: TBD
Warren Ginsberg (Oregon): “The Dancer and the Dance: Tellers, Tales, and Translation in the Canterbury Tales”

5:30 Reception