CMS students and faculty at IMC Kalamazoo 2018

May 9, 2018 by Communications

A number of faculty members and students at the Centre for Medieval Studies will be presenting papers or organizing sessions at the 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, May 10-13, 2018.


B. S. W. Barootes, “A Readers’ Theatre Performance of the Pearl-Poet (A Performance),” “Charles d’Orléans: Forms and Genres,” “Postcards from the Edge: Boundaries and Liminality in the Pearl-Poet,” “The Provincial Aristocratic Household in Late Medieval England”

Claude L. Evans,” Changing Landscapes and Images: New Collaborative Projects in Ecclesiastical History: Monasticon Aquitaniae, Mont Saint-Michel, MILBRETEUR (l’an MIL en BRETagne et en EURope), Beauport Abbey (A Roundtable)”

Haruko Momma, “Insular/Continental Interface before 1100: Culture, Literature, History”

Medieval Ethiopia, presided by Michael Gervers



Suzanne Conklin Akbari, “Encyclopedism” as part of “Medievalists Read Moby Dick (A Roundtable)”

Suzanne Conklin Akbari, “War Memorial: Medieval Siege Poetry and the Onslaught of Time”

B. S. W. Barootes, “Enclosure and Release: Structural Mourning in Fortunes Stabilnes”

Alexandra Bolintineanu with Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel, Johns Hopkins Univ., “IIIF for Medievalists I: A Gentle Introduction (A Workshop)”

Deanna Brook’s, “Monks and Manuscripts: The Anglo-Saxon Use of Five Carolingian Reform Texts”

Brianna Daigneault, “Reformulating the Myth: Unicorns in Romance”

Augustine Dickinson, “Zärʾa Yaʿəqob’s Campaign against Magic: Prayer, Rhetoric, and Policy”

Michael Fatigati, “Avicenna on Evaluative Judgments and the Emotions”

Alexandra Gillespie, “Parker’s Tertullian”

Julia King, “Using IIIF to Digitally Reunite Manuscript Fragments” as part of “Methods and Tools for Reuniting Manuscript Fragments (A Roundtable)”

Cameron Laird, “The Insular Origin of the Bern Riddles”

Valentine Anthony Pakis, “Known Knowns and Known Unknowns: Prolonged Trends and Current Problems in Old High German and Old English Glossographic Research”

Stephen Pelle, “A New Witness to the Circulation of the Seven Heavens Apocryphon”

Daniel Price, “Political Authority and Divine Immanence in the Holy Tears of Genoveve of Paris”

Daniel Price with Ahmad Nazir Atassi, Louisiana Tech Univ., “Popular Piety in the Early Development of the Medieval State” as part of “Medievalists without Borders: Cooperative Projects on Popular Culture in Islamic and Christian Lands (A Roundtable)”

Vajra Regan, “A Thirteenth-Century Version of the Almandal: Newly Discovered and Described for the First Time”

Nora Thorburn, “Ditches, Wheels, und Druppenval: Keeping the Water out of the Records in Medieval Osnabrück, 1250–1400”

Nicholas Wheeler, “Anti-Episcopal Conspiracy and Perjury in the Visigothic Church”