CMS Students, Faculty, and Alumni take Kalamazoo

May 9, 2023 by CMS Communications

Hosted by the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University, the International Congress on Medieval Studies is an annual gathering of thousands of scholars interested in the study of the Middle Ages extending into late antiquity and the early modern period. Covering topics such as history, language, literature, linguistics, art, archaeology, religion, science, medicine, music, drama, philosophy, gender, sexuality, mysticism, technology, and more in relation to medievalism, we are excited to support so many of our CMS students, faculty, and alumni in their participation.

Beginning this Thursday, May 11 until its close on Saturday, May 13, the congress is presented in a hybrid format making it possible to encourage our community in person and virtually.

Thursday, May 11

Session 21: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Medievalisms
Claire E. Davis, CMS PhD Student
Weaving an Empire: The Lady of Shalott, Elaine of Astolat, and the Victorian Artist

Session 34: “Cookin’ from scratch”: Good Things in Small Packages I
Matthew David Reid, CMS PhD Student
Feasting on the Word in the Carmen Paschale: A Look at the Semantic Range and Poetic Function of Daps in Sedulius

Session 80: Medieval Textual Criticism: Theory and Practice
James R. Ginther, University of St. Michael’s College, CMS Professor and Associate Director
Cloudy Witnesses: Confusion and Clarity in the Manuscript Tradition of Stephen Langton’s Super Genesim

Session 122: Medieval Sermon Studies III
Andrew Reeves, Middle Georgia State University, CMS Alum 2009
“How priests should teach laypeople”: A Set of Sermons for Parish Priests in Thirteenth-Century England

Session 150: When Stars Align: The Meaningful Cosmos of Astral Magic and Astrology
Vajra Regan, CMS PhD Student  
The Many-Splintered Images of the Liber sigillorum of Techel: Astrology, Magic, and Engraved Gems in a Late Medieval Lapidary

Friday, May 12

Session 171: Valley 3 Stinson 306
Christopher M. Berard, Providence College, CMS Alum 2015
Romancing the Brut in the Age of Edward III: Sir Thomas Gray’s Scalacronica

Session 185: Medievalists Reading Modern Media
Peter H. Johnsson, CMS Alum 2020
Echoes of Nineteenth-Century Romanticism in Twenty-First-Century Imagination

Session 186: Encountering (Dis)ability in Mystical and Hagiographical Texts (A Workshop)
Led by participants including Amy Conwell, CMS PhD Student

Session 193: “Cookin’ from scratch”: Good Things in Small Packages II
Gregory Carrier, CMS PhD Student
Registering Monastic Humor: Issues in Translating Notker Balbulus’ “Reproaching” in the Notatio de illustribus uiris 

Session 219: Health, Illness, Medicine, and Bodies in Medieval Northern Europe, 700–1500 CE, I: The Anglo-Norman Sources
Winston E. Black, St. Francis Xavier University, CMS Alum 2007
Medical Charms in Anglo-Norman Manuscripts: Mapping Their Linguistic, Curative, and Codicological Boundaries 

Session 222: Thomistic Philosophy II
John Jalsevac, CMS PhD Student
Averroes’ Theory of the Progressive Spiritualization of the Object of Sense in Aquinas’s Psychology 

Session 227: The Bible, Sacred Texts, and Preaching
Alessia M. Berardi, Christendom College, CMS Alum
Stephen Langton, Educator of Preachers 

Session 243: Cross-Cultural Translations
Presided by Jessie Sherwood, School of Law, University of California–Berkeley, CMS Alum 2005

Session 245: Four Hundred Years of the Brut
Jonathan Brent, CMS Alum 2021
Genealogical Rolls and Codices in the Early Fourteenth Century

Session 298: Objects of Interest: Reconstruction, Reimagination, and Experimentation Using 3D Scanning and Printing Technologies and Traditional Modes of Making
Ann Marie Rasmussen, session organizer, University of Waterloo. CMS Faculty
Reimagining Medieval Badges in Modern Materials 

Saturday, May 13

Session 321: Plague Studies: New Sources, Methods, and Approaches
Philip Slavin, organizer, University of Stirling, CMS Alum 2008
Making Sense of a Mess: Spatio-Temporal Contours of Late Medieval Plague Waves in West Eurasia and North Africa, ca. 1363–1460

Session 325: Who’s in Charge Here? Female Authority and the Medieval Irish Church
Dorothy C. Africa, Harvard University, CMS Alum 1990
Bucking the System: St. Íte Gets Her Way

Session 349: “Cookin’ from scratch”: Good Things in Small Packages III
Bard Swallow, CMS PhD Student
A seipso effeminatur, sed infeminatur”: Gender Difference in Walter Map’s Tale of Rollo and His Wife 

Session 358: The Glossa ordinaria: Where Are We Now? (A Roundtable)
Roundtable with participants including Peter O’Hagan, Christendom College, CMS Alum 2017 and James R. Ginther, University of St. Michael’s College, CMS Professor and Associate Director

Session 407: Philosophical Chaucer
Sarah Powrie, St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan, CMS Alum 2006
The Consolation of Mythography: The Devotional Resonance of Ovidian Form in Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess

Session 457: Seeing What We Cannot Hear: Linguistic Approaches to Medieval Languages
Mark Sundaram, Laurentian University, CMS Alum 2003
“À la recherche du temps perdu”: Spatiotemporal Metaphor in Medieval French and Its Effects on Middle English