CMS Students receive Publication Prize

January 16, 2024 by CMS Communications

Among new funding opportunities for PhD Students, CMS has introduced the Publications Prize which awards a $1000 honorarium to a student who has published their first peer-reviewed article or book chapter in the last twelve months.

We are so pleased to announce that two PhD Students have recently been awarded this distinction!

Deanna Brook's was awarded the Publication Prize for Thinking about the Future: The Psychology of the Mind and Soul in Judgement Day I, which was published in The Review of English Studies, 2023, Vol. 74, No. 313, 1–15. Deanna's article argues that Judgement Day I is not meant to warn about the Final Judgement, but instead is concerned with the present time of the reader as a way to encourage contemplation of their present actions to safeguard their soul’s future. Congratulations, Deanna!

Emma Gabe was awarded the Publication Prize for Johannes Meyer’s Rule and Constitutions for Dominican Laybrothers and Laysisters, which appeared in Mediaeval Studies, 84, 2022, 151-219. Emma's article presents the first published edition of Johannes Meyer’s late medieval German religious rule for Dominican laybrothers and “external laysisters” in female monasteries, men and women who took a vow of obedience to the abbess and worked in service of the community while living in the external courtyards. Congratulations, Emma!