CMS/PIMS Distinguished Visiting Scholar: Dr. Henrietta Leyser

January 4, 2012 by Communications

A warm welcome to Dr. Henrietta Leyser, Senior Research Fellow at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, who is our 2011-2012 CMS/PIMS Distinguished Visiting Scholar.

Dr. Leyser will be in Toronto from January to April. Her research program for the semester is entitled Mapping Piety and focuses on religious devotion in England, 1000-1300, drawing on insights gained from various disciplines and perspectives. Dr. Leyser has held Lectureships at Oxford and visiting professorships at Emory University and the University of Connecticut. Her publications include Hermits and the New Monasticism (1984), Medieval Women: A Social History of Women in England, 450-1500 (1995; sixth impression 2004), and numerous translations and articles. She is currently working on two large-scale projects, provisionally entitled A Journey Through the Seven Kingdoms in the Time of Bede and The Doors of Heaven: English Piety 1000-1300.

During her time in Toronto Dr. Leyser will give two public lectures dedicated to the topic of “Mapping Piety” (February 9 and March 9). She will also hold a series of informal seminars (by subscription). For more information see here.