Cologne-Toronto Graduate Student Colloquium 2014

November 26, 2014 by Communications

University of Toronto – 5-7 December 2014

Friday, Dec. 5 (Centre for Medieval Studies)

1:15 pm Welcome

1:30-2:45 pm Session 1
Chair: Suzanne Akbari
Patrick Breternitz: The Collectio Herovalliana – A canonical collection from Boniface’s circle?
Commentator: Nick Everett

3:00-4:15 pm Session 2
Chair: Lane Springer
Alessia Miriam Berardi: The Localization of an 8th-Century Commentary on the Song of Songs. The Case of the Anonymous of Orléans-Wolfenbüttel
Commentator: Karl Ubl

4:30-5:45 pm Session 3
Chair: Joe Goering
Andreas Berger: De his, qui contra naturam peccant. The ‘sin against nature’ in early medieval legal sources
Commentator: Peter King

6:00-7:15 pm Session 4
Chair: Bogdan Smarandache
Andrew Dunning: Personal Correction Practices in the Manuscripts of Alexander Neckam and Samuel Presbiter
Commentator: Andreas Speer

 Saturday, Dec. 6 (Sessions 5-7: Centre for Medieval Studies; sessions 8-10: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies)

9.00-10.15 am Session 5
Chair: Martin Pickavé
Simon Liening: Envoys and Diplomacy in Early 15th-Century Strasbourg
Commentator: Lawrin Armstrong

10.30-11.45 am Session 6
Chair: Lochin Brouillard
Leah Faibisoff: Trademarked Testaments: Paper from Venetian Morea to Rialto
Commentator: Sabine von Heusinger

12.00-1.15 pm Session 7
Chair: Isabelle Cochelin
Christopher Berard: King Arthur and the Canons of Laon
Commentator: Udo Friedrich 

2.15-3.30 pm Session 8
Chair: Kirsty Schut
Jitka Ehlers: Word – Image – Object: Negotiating Inscriptions of the Romanesque Art
Commentator: Jill Caskey

3.45-5.00 pm Session 9
Chair: Dorothea Kullmann
Zinaida Uzdenskaya: Thomas Beckett – an Ideal Martyr. Studies in the Iconography of Canterbury Pilgrim Souvenirs.
Commentator: Susanne Wittekind

5.15-6.30 pm Session 10
Chair: Elaina Lysack
Michael Schwarzbach: Telling the Truth by Telling Lies: Beast Fables in Medieval Chronicles
Commentator: Suzanne Akbari

Sunday, Dec. 7 (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies)

10:00-11:15 am Session 11
Chair: Jake Wakelin
Christopher Liebtag Miller: Virgin Virago and Devil’s Bride: The Female Warrior and the Economy of Honor in Middle High German Epic
Commentator: Monika Schausten

11:30-12:45 pm Session 12
Chair: Andreas Speer
Julia Stiebritz: dâ begunden herze und ôren / tumben unde tôren / und ûz ir rehte wanken. Gottfried of Strassburg’s Literary Depictions of Courtly Music Life and the Latin Court Criticism of the High Middle Ages
Commentator: Markus Stock

The event is free and open to the public.

Sponsors: Faculty of Arts and Science, Centre for Medieval Studies, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, and Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne.