Congratulations to PhD graduate Boaz Schuman!

May 20, 2022 by Communications

PhD graduate Boaz Schuman has recently taken a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Copenhagen.

In 2021, Boaz defended his thesis on the logic of John Buridan, under the supervision of Peter King. Now he is working with Heine Hansen at the University of Copenhagen's Saxo Institute, on a project on Alberic of Paris, a twelfth-century logician and Peter Abelard's main rival. Alberic famously proved that Abelard's logic was inconsistent; yet surprisingly little is now known about his positive philosophical views. Although no writings explicitly ascribed to Alberic survive, there are several logical texts written by his students (and critics) which present and discuss his views. By carefully analysing these texts, the project aims to develop a comprehensive picture of what Alberic's logical theory was, and to situate it within its broader intellectual milieu. 

Congratulations, Boaz!