Dictionary of Old English grateful to donors for decades of success

November 1, 2023 by CMS Communications

Canada's seminal contribution to the story of English, the Dictionary of Old English (DOE) is an international research project that defines the vocabulary of the first six centuries of the English language, using today's most advanced technology. With extensive publications, including an online bibliography, the DOE is grateful to receive financial support via research grants as well as donations from scholars and friends throughout the world, including gifts from George and Jennifer Rigg. U of T News speaks to CMS faculty members Fabienne Michelet Pickavé (DOE steering committe member), DOE Co-Editors Stephen Pelle and Robert Getz, Profesor Emerita and former CMS Director Roberta Frank about those important contributions, while remembering the DOE's inception and founding members.

U of T News: "Dictionary of Old English grateful to donors for decades of success"