Latin-Reading AI Program Featured in U of T News

February 18, 2021 by Communications

Professor Michael Gervers is featured on the Arts & Science website this week for his work with Transkribus, an AI program his team has trained to read handwritten medieval Latin.

The Transkribus software is scheduled to launch on March 3, with a follow-up training workshop on March 10.

Prof. Gervers’s work grew out of the challenges arising from cataloging manuscripts in the DEEDS project, which involves reams of Latin legal documents from early medieval England. The Transkribus software has been trained to read the peculiar handwriting in these types of legal manuscripts.

The team that trained Transkribus included Prof. Graeme Hirst from computer science, CMS alumna Hannah Lloyd (now at Yale University), and the Bentham Project at University College London. More details are in the Arts and Science feature.

Congrats to Professor Gervers and the Transkribus team!