Memo Regarding the CMS Practice and Mock Latin Exams, Summer 2020

June 16, 2020 by Communications

Dear Students,

As promised in the previous memo regarding our options for administering the Centre’s Latin exams in September, we are now providing the information on the practice and mock exams which all students are welcome and encouraged to participate in. Both the practice and mock exams will be offered through U of T’s Quercus platform, accessible with students’ credentials for registered U of T students and via temporary guest access for students who have not yet registered and for external participants. To obtain a Guest ID, please contact Rhonda Marley.

All incoming and current students who have not yet passed both exams will be added to the course by June 23, along with non-CMS students currently enrolled in summer Latin courses. Other non-CMS students should contact Rhonda Marley to be enrolled, as should any current or incoming students who have not been added by June 23.

  1. Practice Exams. A new course called “CMS Latin Exams” has been created on Quercus. The purpose of these practice exams is to give an opportunity to the students to test and familiarize themselves with the technical aspects of writing the exam on Quercus.
  2. Mock Exams. The mock exams will be set for Monday, July 20, 1 p.m. Eastern/Toronto time. Students who plan to write the mock exam/s need to register by July 15 by contacting Rhonda Marley. The mock exams will contain 2 passages instead of 4 and would thus be scheduled for 1,5 hours rather than 3, as is the case for the real exams. The mock exams will be timed but not marked, although translations for self-check will be provided. The mock exams will be monitored by a member of the Latin Committee through a video-meeting on Zoom. The purpose of the mock exams is for the students to have an experience as close as possible to the real exam situation in September, and to get acquainted with the hybrid Quercus/Zoom system adopted by CMS for the September exams.
  3. Feedback from Students. CMS and the Latin Committee will appreciate the students’ feedback by July 31, so that any potential technical problems could be addressed in timely fashion. Please send your comments to the Chair of the CMS Student Executive Committee Laura Moncion.

For the Latin Committee

Dr. Greti Dinkova-Bruun, Chair.