Nottingham Medieval Studies - Special Volume

December 4, 2022 by Communications

Congratulations to Claude and Paul Evans for their recent publication of a special issue of Nottingham Medieval Studies 65 (2021). Claude and Paul co-edited the volume, and Claude is also a co-author of the Introduction and author of an article. The volume is entitled Cistercians and Regular Canons in Medieval Western Europe and is based on the proceedings of the 2014 Ancient Abbeys of Brittany Project (AABP) Conference.

The Proceedings of the 2016 AABP Conference, Monastères, convergences, échanges et confrontations dans l'Ouest de l'Europe au Moyen Âge (HAMA 45), will be out in January 2023.

Claude especially thanks the CMS for its financial support for both conferences. The 2014 AABP Conference was also supported by several other University of Toronto centres and departments.