PIMS Étienne Gilson Lecture with Professor Bernard McGinn, April 4

March 16, 2023 by CMS Communications

The Etienne Gilson Lecture

Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies

Bernard McGinn, University of Chicago "God and the One: A Critical Tribute to Etienne Gilson"

Tuesday, April 4 4:10 pm

Father Madden Hall, 100 St Joseph Street, University of St Michael’s College
University of Toronto

Along with being, truth, and goodness, the one (unum) is one of the main attributes used of God in Christian tradition. In his Being and Some Philosophers, Etienne Gilson devoted a chapter to “On Being and the One,” arguing that being (esse) is the root of unity, rather than the other way round. This talk will address the thinkers Gilson studied in this chapter from Plato to Eckhart, suggesting that a “polyphonic” approach to language about God, one in which all the attributes interact, is more helpful than a “monophonic” approach in which one attribute has dominance over the others.

Bernard Mcginn is the Naomi Shenstone Donnelley Professor Emeritus at the Divinity School of the University of Chicago, where he taught for thirty-four years. The author of the nine-volume, The Presence of God: A History of Western Christian Mysticism (1991– 2021), he has written extensively on the history of theology, especially the history of mysticism and spirituality. A former President of the Medieval Academy of America, he is a Fellow of both the Medieval Academy and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

A reception will follow the lecture in the Laurence K. Shook Common Room at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 59 Queen’s Park Crescent East.

For further information, please contact Institute Secretary Cynthia Watson at cynthia.watson@utoronto.ca and visit PIMS' Event Page.


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