Pre-Kalamazoo: May 9, 9am-4pm

May 3, 2016 by Communications

Session 1: 9.00-10.30
Constanz Buyken, “Defining, Performing, and Questioning: “Chivalry” and Gender in Late Medieval Conduct Literature and the Tournament”
Sara Wilk, “Christine de Pizan, Chivalry, and Feminism”
Sarah Gregory, “Trans-like Identities in the Late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance”
Guillaume Bureaux, “The Persistence of the Warrior Tradition in the Last Years of the Middle Ages: The Example of the Pas d’Armes in Burgundy under Duke Charles the Bold”

Coffee/tea Break 10.30-10.45

Session 2: 10.45-12.00 
Sarah Gilbert, “Anglo-Saxon Medical Recipes in non-medical manuscripts: matters of culture, context and community”
Elise Williams, “Mendicant Medics: When Friars Treated in the Middle Ages”
Ariana Ellis, “The Great Equalizers: Death and Humour During the Black Death of the Fourteenth Century”

Lunch Break 12.00-1.00

Session 3: 1.00 – 2.15
Vanina Kopp, “Playful Reading as Pastime at the French Court: The Performance of Literary Games and Poetic Competitions in the Late Middle Ages”
Dylan Wilkerson, “Source Study of the Prologue of Guthlac A”
Amy Conwell, “Confessing Nothing: Marguerite Porete’s Middle English I without You”

Coffee/Tea Break 2.15-2.30

Session 4: 2.30- 4.00
Sigbjørn Sønnesyn, “‘But first: are you experienced?’: Robert Grosseteste’s Experiential Epistemology”
Jonathan Turnock, “Many lords, many kings: Architectural and sculptural visualisations of Anglo-Norman lordship”
Stephanie Britton, “Memory and identity at Canterbury: the written record”
Kate Menendez, “The Role of Exegesis in Complicating the Linear Narrative in Jonas of Bobbio’s Life of Columbanus”