The Sorcerers' Stone - new publication

December 12, 2022 by Communications

Congratulations to alumna Rachel Lott (PhD 2016) for the publication of The Sorcerers’ Stone: Alchemical Poems by Angelus Silesius (Wipf and Stock).

From the publisher’s book description:

Johann Angelus Silesius (1624-77) was a famous poet and mystic of the seventeenth century. This volume is the first to collect and translate his poems about spiritual alchemy and the sorcerers’ stone (Stein der Weisen). The sorcerers’ stone appears alongside other alchemical images in Angelus's masterwork, the Cherubinic Wanderer, as a metaphor for transformation in the Christian life. This translation keeps Angelus's original poetic forms while using colloquial modern English. The original German text is included.

For more information, see the publisher’s website.